Kavango Engineering is a family run & citizen owned company initiated by Phil Potter and later entrusted to his son Lee Potter.
The company employs skilled citizens & residents from within Botswana & aims to support & sustain the training & cultural standards found amidst Botswana’s valued principles & we aspire to maintain such ethics for the future.

The company’s production commenced in 2009 out of the house garage & car park. ​We then progressed to a small but efficient property within the grounds of a large warehouse, ​& due to sufficient growth demands & portfolio development,
​construction began for a new workshop that could eventually accommodate all our needs within one location.
In September 2014 construction was complete and we are now operating from our new, professional & ‘envied’ premises within the Matshwane Industrial site of Maun, Botswana.



​​​​Our company offers local knowledge & distinguished construction at competitive pricing as well as providing the customer with the opportunity to continuously follow the build progress, thus enabling the possibility to promptly create alterations or modifications if required & most importantly have immediate access to professional advice & reliable recommendations.

With such opportunity at hand Kavango’s presence eliminates the days of transporting vehicles to & from neighbouring countries at unnecessary costs, in addition to ‘building blind’, due to no other alternative.

Kavango Engineering builds and/or modifies in excess of 100 safari game viewers per annum. This not only includes vehicles for large distinguished corporations but also smaller less notable operators alongside custom designs for private individuals.

Our company’s aspiration is to ultimately strive to be ‘the’ safari specialist in Botswana, if not further afield. We are consistently growing in size, experience and production ability and we intend to assure all our customers that we are the “One-Stop Shop” for all your vehicle modification requirements, in addition to other elements of steel & alternative material fabrication.


​​Canvas Fabrication

We have our own in-house upholstery department for all interior & exterior canvas work.
This supports the on site construction of our vehicles, benefits our objective of competitive pricing by reducing delivery costs, & speeds up the production by eliminating transit periods.
We believe we have mastered the canvas designs for strength & durability from our extensive practice in the field. All work is easily removable & adjustable thus preventing the aged, stretched, loose-fitting & tattered appearance that is inevitable with time.


​​​​​​Polyurethane Lining

​We offer full polyurethane spray-on linings for bin & cab for long lasting durability & zero maintenance. ​
Polyurethane is essentially one of the most durable products ever invented. When mixed and sprayed, the two components of Polyurethane (Iso and Resin) react chemically to form an elastomer which vigorously adheres to most surfaces. The end result is a pliable and seamless protective lining which is impervious to water, is extremely resistant to abrasion, cutting and gouging.
The product we us is UV stable, tolerant to a wide range of temperatures and climatic conditions, and has elastic capabilities of between 400% and 900%. It is resistant to corrosion causing chemicals; oil; fuel and solvents.