​Kavango Engineering designs and fabricates various accessories to suit numerous vehicles; such fixtures can be suited to company safari conversions or personal adaptations.
Dependant on the customer’s needs, we can alter the accessory to conform to the required purpose.


Bumpers (Bullbar / Towbar):
Our custom bumpers are fabricated to withstand the harsh elements of Botswana’s terrain (its natural elements as well as the human influence).
The various designs on offer can range from heavy duty channel iron to a simplified, yet strong, steel nudge bar.


Spare Wheel Carriers/Brackets:
Kavango has successfully produced custom heavy duty wheel carriers (single or double), that attach to the rear of the vehicle, offering easy access to the load bin/boot.
Spare wheel brackets are also fabricated within our workshop for a more streamlined addition; these can be adhered to the rear or sides of the vehicle dependant on the customers design.


Roof carriers:
Roof carriers are an added benefit to many vehicles – both in business & personal use.
Our roof carriers are built to sustain weight (within reason) whilst consecutively protecting the physical roof/rails below via a resilient & unobtrusive support structure.
We manufacture our roof carriers to sit above the full vehicle, the rear only or the cab only.
Our roof carriers can be a complete sealed structure or allow for hatch access. They can either be fixed or removable and can permit for the attachment of a roof top tent.

Additional Accessories:
Tracker Seat – Ability to fold down with a foot rest – attached to front of vehicle.
Steel Folding Table – Attached to bullbar or rear rails
Steel Camera Tray – Secured to rails
Storage Box – Built for under the seat (large) or between seats (small) – with or without lids.
Steel Cage Tray – For luggage / cool boxes – Attached to rear for extra storage space
Drink Holder – Steel / secured to rails – trimmed with pinch weld rubber
Hi-lift Jack/Spade & Axe Mount – Fabricated & sold with or without the apparatus.


The versatility of our custom made accessories continuously changes on a daily basis dependant on our customers’ requirements & imagination.

We revel in designing new fixtures & fittings to add to all our conversions & builds – the options are endless & our team of Kavango staff openly welcome new challenges.

Please note alterations & modifications to our traditional & common fabrications are possible if required.

​For further technical detail please feel free to contact us.